Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was day 4 of Hubby taking care of baby Quint all day. He brought the baby up to my work at 11am so my co-workers could see him. We visited around, I nursed him in the room I normally use to pump, and then went out to lunch. We fed Quint some squash baby food and cheerios and then ate our lunch.

The waiter had taken forever to bring us a bowl of hot water to heat the little package of squash so we just fed it to him at room temperature. When the waiter did bring the hot water, the container he brought us was more suited to warming a bottle. Hubby had brought a bottle and he suggested we go ahead and put the bottle in it. I thought this was just to make the waiter feel better since we weren't going to use the hot water for my purpose. But after we were done with lunch, Hubby checked on the warm milk, swirled around to homogenize it, dried off the bottle, and offered it to Quint. He greedily guzzled it down to both our surprise. He normally won't take a bottle if I'm sitting right there. So within an hour, he nursed on both sides, ate a half cup of cherrios, a container of squash, and then a 4 oz. bottle of milk. Wow!

While Hubby was feeding him the bottle, he was intensely watching Quint. Suddenly he said, "I could raise him." What he meant and we didn't say, was if something happened to me, he could do it on his own. I've always known this. I said, "I know! I'm glad you know it, now."

THAT was one of the big things I had hoped Hubby would learn this week.

Another was how much more trouble every outing is with a baby.

Another was how you can only get things really done at home when Quint is down for a nap.

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