Tuesday, May 19, 2009

baby stretch

Yesterday, starting around 1pm, my little one went on a super energetic kickathon! I swear that child was doing jazzercise while practicing his drum solo. He was all over the place! He was so active that I couldn't sit at my desk with my legs crossed and I had to sit really straight so he could have more room. He kept this up until about 6:30 after I had done my little exercise video (yay me!). And I hadn't had anything to eat to hype him up. Tuna, cookies, and pears. So he did all this stretching and my belly still hasn't gone back to it's pre-kickathon size. A friend says I look noticeably pregnant today instead of just belly fluffy. Yeah!! I finally look really pregnant!

Last night, my tummy really itched a lot which was probably the skin stretching out. I was wearing some sweat pants that I know I had when I was 14, but for most of the evening, I had a thumb in the waistband holding it out so it wouldn't cut into my belly. I was sitting there rubbing belly butter on my belly and thinking, maybe this is the last time I can wear these pants.... maybe ever?! Oh what a depressing thought. Then again, I've now had them for 17 years. That's a pretty good tenure for a pair of sweat pants! And I'm very likely to be close to my original size again after the birth. Probably within a year of the birth too. Both my sister and my mom went back to nearly their pre-baby sizes, but they were ages 20, 24 and 27 when they had babies. I'm 31. I bet I won't be quite as elastic as they were.

Anyway, my little boy is happy, healthy, active, and perhaps in a different position than he was at this time yesterday.

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