Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ouch at 18 weeks & responsive kicks

The baby is finally trying to pop out of my pelvis. I've been showing for a while, but further up, near my belly button. All my guts are squished up and poking out near my navel and above, but now things are starting to move out of my pelvis instead of just up into my abdomen, if that makes any sense. So now all those ligaments that normally tell you that either you really need to pee or that you ate really too much are aching constantly now. Yesterday it started with just a few tiny twinges that reminded me of ovulation. I asked my sister the nurse and she assured me that this type of little ligament pain will very likely continue through the rest of the pregnancy. Oh! Great! Guess I'll suck it up and stop thinking about it. As long as that's normal, I'm good.

A cool thing that happened this weekend: I was laying in bed and the little runt kicked in his favorite spot. So I poked him back. He kicked back at me in the same spot! I poked him again, but he was done playing.

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