Friday, May 8, 2009

landmark event

Today I have a final in a college course that $1500 is riding on. If I don't make the grade, my work won't pay me back. So I've studied about 20 hours for this test and feel pretty good about it. I leave to go do that in a few minutes. My mother-in-law will likely be at my house when I return home from my final. The landmark event is that I haven't really cleaned the house and I'm not worried about my mother-in-law seeing it that way! Last night and this morning, I made sure the kitchen and bathrooms aren't gross, but everything is still extremely cluttered. Both me and hubby have warned her of this in advance and told her why cleaning hasn't been a priority this week. I'll let you know how this turns out later.

Hubby is graduating with his masters' degree tomorrow! Another landmark event!! Lots of pictures for that tomorrow.

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