Tuesday, May 12, 2009

weekend review

Hubby graduated on Saturday with his Masters in Public Administration! Woohooo! Great ceremony! Not too crowded. Only 2 hours long, start to finish, appropriate screaming for family members with only occasional appropriate screaming. I've been to a great many college graduations and the family members at this one were extremely proud of their graduates. The school is a historically black college and I think that made the difference on enthusiasm of family members. We heard several times that this was the first family member to get a BA, MA, or doctorate. There were 4 of us to cheer on my hubby. Almost every other graduate had 10 to 20 family members there that would absolutely erupt when their name was called.

Immediately afterward, me and my mother in law had put together a grand party at the house with plenty of food, lots of good conversation, and half the party was continued at our pub later in the evening. The weather even cooperated and didn't rain so there could be cigar smoking on the deck, away from the pregnant lady. Very good party indeed!

Sunday, most of the out of town company left by 10am which is about when we expected them to leave. One relative did not. I was really done with company by Sunday morning. All last week, I was busy studying for that icky final (which went OK, I think) and immediately afterward company started to arrive. Very busy Saturday with graduation and party. Sunday, I'm ready to clean up the party mess and begin my standard Sunday chores that make weekdays a pleasure. Hubby was also done with company, indicated by his consistent playing of his computer games. Lots of tension over who needed to entertain the company while I really didn't want outside "help" with chores. Grrr...

BUT!! I had bought us IMAX tickets to see Star Trek (thinking the company would be gone, of course). The movie was totally awesome!!! I don't recommend the combination of IMAX tickets and a second row seat, however. Get there early and sit in the back. Movie was really funny, seemed to have the original cast's stereotypes on steroids, and was thoroughly enjoyable as a result. Pretty darn good plot too! There were some gaping holes that you just mostly need to get over. Like how did nearly the whole crew graduate together, yet instantly be assigned to the brand new flagship Enterprise (not as senior staff) and all have varying ranks? Wouldn't they all have nearly equally low ranks? Also, Spock was senior by a few years yet winds up 1st officer with the junior Jim as acting Captain? These questions weren't really answered, but we all realized that that's where the plot needed to go. It's like watching the third prequel of Star Wars. You how it has to end.

Spoiler alert: Uhura and Spock have a thing going on!!! That's really fun to watch. The only cliches that didn't happen were: Jim didn't manage to get his shirt torn or off during a fight scene. The phrase "beam me up Scotty" didn't happen. Cliches that did happen: Bones says "Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ___". Bones calls Spock a green blooded something-or-other. Spock frequently says things are logical or illogical. Spock says his line like "I am and always will be, your friend" to Jim. A guy in a red suit on an away mission dies. Jim hits on everything that moves, including having a PG-13 scene in the sack with a green alien. Jim doesn't believe in no win situations. An alternate reality is introduced which will allow for another 12 movies with this cast that will not clash with the original series or any subsequent series. That's the very best part!! I'm going to have to pay to see it again in the theater.

The baby was kicking around during the loud battle scenes. I realized that if I held my belly with both hands and arms, covering the most belly as possible, that it muffled the sound for him. He calmed down after that.

Monday, we got to do an ultrasound and get to really look at the baby. It's a boy!!! We got a copy of the DVD and on that, you can really tell it's a boy without a doubt, but the still pictures look a bit like a Rorschach ink blot test. We held hands and giggled during the ultrasound. Very fun! He stuck his tongue out at us and waved at us too. I now need to train myself not to call him an it. We have been so excited and have called and emailed the whole world. I've bought little boy socks and a body suit that says "Daddy's Mane Man" with a lion on it. And blue balloons to celebrate and announce at work. So now I can buy boxes of baby clothes on craigslist!! Very cool! I resisting the urge to put up a huge yard sign that says "It's a boy!" Best to wait until he pops out to do that.

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