Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belly button

Yesterday, my little boy was definitely in a different position than he has been before. During the Ultrasound (last week), his noggin was on the right, several inches below my last rib, and his feet were on the left below my hip bone. Tickley toes, and cute little kicks. I started to feel his arms move over the weekend and felt an elbow or two below my belly button. Monday, after his kick-and-stretch-a-thon, his head on the left between my belly button and my lowest rib, toes on the bladder (quit standing up son!).

Tuesday, on a long walk, I could feel his hard little head pretty close to my ribs. When we were nearly done with our walk, I put my hand on my belly and my half-outy belly button was poking out further. Hubby felt it and said he could feel my belly button moving and poking out more. 5 minutes later, our little boy rolled his head over to my belly button and it threatened to be a full outy right then! My inny belly button has always been sensitive and it has hurt to clean it at times. I had wondered if this would hurt and IT DID!!! We still had a quarter mile to walk to be home and it was not fun. I know, I know, that's only a foretaste of pain to come. So call me a wimp. I laid on my side for a few minutes back home and our little guy got the message and moved his noggin.

Today, I'm in a cute, slightly dippy little summer dress with my hair in long, braided pigtails. Hopefully, I look like a knocked up teenager! One can dream, right?

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