Monday, May 18, 2009

depression and issues

I haven't been exercising and as a result, I'm a little depressed for no reason. This makes me unusually sleepy and lazy. And grouchy. What I really need to do is get out my workout videos and do a little 20 minute workout. Since I didn't exercise during the first trimester, I know I couldn't hack the whole 45 minute workout. Maybe I'll get a deposit together here at work and take a walk to deposit it. It's beautiful outside. Maybe that would get me out of this funk.

My hubby was a big help last night. I realized at 9pm that if the kitchen counter and table weren't neat when I got home from work Monday, that it would really depress me even further. I asked him to come down and help me and for us to pretend like we had company coming at 9:30 and had to get it all done! It is truly amazing the speed we can clean when we've got company coming. And because it will be short in duration, it doesn't seem odious. So we finally got all the party stuff cleaned up, the leaf out of the table, and all of the kitchen counter visible! I felt better this morning for seeing it that way. Apparently, base-board gazing brings contentment to my heart. Therefore clutter depresses me. When on a strict exercise regimen, this keeps our house cleaner! Otherwise, not so much.

Now if I could only enlist his help in the same way for the 6 months worth of filing that's all over my office floor. But, alas, only one person can be in front of the filing cabinet at a time, and he has never filed our stuff before. Our filing is made more complicated by the fact that we receive 3 different types of correspondence from our bank and AT&T sends us 3 types of bills for very different things. I have trouble telling them apart! AND! I really need to clean out the filing cabinet so these 6 months of new junk will fit. Does anyone really need the past 3 years worth of cell phone bills at their fingertips?! I doubt it. A huge chunk of those could be shipped off to the garage filing cabinet. And I bet if I look close, I've got 2 copies of the back up for every tax return we've ever filed. I copy our junk when I send it to the CPA dude, in case it gets lost in the mail, and he sends most of that back to us. The copies could be shredded. I've been trying, for about 3 weeks now, to talk myself in to working very fast for 15 minutes per day, every day on this mess, but I'll get to work here on Monday and yet again, I haven't touched it for a week. Which just depresses me more. Bleck! Maybe if I put on a favorite movie....and have hubby make sure I don't just sit dejectedly on the floor amongst the mess for the duration of the movie with a package of cookies on my growing belly.

About the belly.... I can no longer sleep on my belly. It squishes my stomach something awful. This morning I tried it and could feel my stomach move up into my rib cage and almost instantly produce heartburn. Dat ain't right! Baby is laying sideways across my belly, and every evening between 4 and 6, he tries to stretch out perfectly straight. Weird feeling!

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