Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Awesome concert!

I went to a Steven Curtis Chapman & Michael W. Smith concert last night and it was AWESOME!!!! It was at the Historic Ryman Auditorium. I was up in the balcony over to one side where I could see SCC's little girls in the wings dancing, playing and then bolting off to go play somewhere else. His two boys played with the band, too. Very cool. A lot of old music played from 15 years ago that I loved plus all the current stuff too. Stories about how little Maria Sue was picked out at the orphanage in China, how she came to be a Christian in their kitchen one night just a couple months before she died, and how they're all doing with the loss of her. Awesome worship music too, from both SCC and Michael W. Smith. I'd forgotten how very clear, and soaring Smitty's voice is. The Spirit definitely was there last night and that was something I really needed. It did my heart a whole lot of good. Several songs that used to be my very favorites that I haven't thought about in quite a while. Probably because I have them on cassette and not CD, so they're packed away somewhere. Gotta find those, or re-buy them.

I got to bed around midnight and was still telling my hubby about it at 500 miles an hour. We laid down and the baby kicked. So then Hubby was trying to feel it from the top of my belly, but I'm not sure he did. That's the first time I've felt the baby when it wasn't very early in the morning. I know it will get more frequent, but it was still cool. I wonder if the baby was hyped up from the concert too! The concert wasn't too loud (like where you're partially deaf afterwards) but I know the baby heard a lot of the concert.

Great night! But now I'm sleep deprived. Easy price to pay.

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