Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I swear, I think my belly popped out of my pelvis yesterday afternoon, and now I'm finally showing!!! Monday morning, I put on my old size 8 pants and they fit just fine. As the day went on, especially after noon, they didn't feel right and I kept wanting to pull them up. And unbutton them. And each time I unbuttoned them, I sighed with relief. Really embarrassing, though, when you have to return to your car because it's probably unwise to show at Walgreens when your pants might fall down. Once I got home, I stopped trying to keep them buttoned and by 6pm, they were staying up anyway. After a bath, my sweat pants felt really tight across my belly button. They felt fine Saturday afternoon. My hubby agreed that things did look quite different than yesterday. He also said he thought I looked awesome and grinned a big grin. So I finally tarted showing on our 7th anniversary. Perfect! So today I'm in my size 10 pants and they're feeling a bit snug.

Today and yesterday it's been really freakin' cold here and I've had to pull out my winter clothes again. These are likely the last couple days I'll need those before I have the baby and I'm glad. Otherwise, I'd wind up stretching a bunch of my favorite sweaters.

Yeah!!! I'm finally showing!!!

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