Thursday, April 23, 2009


I really do think I felt the baby move yesterday!! I'm 17 weeks along which is early so I might be wrong. Early in the morning, before I had gotten up, I was laying on my stomach and felt a little flutter. I held very still to see if it would move laterally (which might indicate gas) but it didn't! It stayed in one place and felt like a butterfly caught in a container. I held my breath for a second to see if I could feel more, but the flutter stayed the same. I slid my hand under my belly to try to feel it with my hand from the outside, but no dice there.

I've been really sick with allergies and have taken a lot of medicine in the last week that my OBGYN says are safe, but I was still worried about the little booger. It was a huge relief and a huge excitement to feel the baby move.

Hubby and I slept apart last night because of my coughing and when he came in our room this morning, he asked if he could kiss the baby. Well of course you numbskull! Anytime. So he kissed the baby and talked to it for a bit. The baby can for sure hear outside noises at 20 weeks, but it certainly doesn't hurt to get the baby used to it's daddy's voice early.

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  1. Yeah for a moving baby! I would suggest that maybe you are farther along than you thought, but I know that you *know* when you ovulated.