Wednesday, April 22, 2009

useless, useless, useless

I am useless!!! I'm taking a macroeconomics class that I am NOT doing well at. If I make a B or better, then my work will reimburse me the $1500 it cost. As it stands right now, I'm getting a C, but if I really ace the final, then I might get a B. We really cannot afford for me to let $1500 trickle through my fingers right now! We would both (hubby and I) rather put that towards debt while we can before the expensive bundle of joy gets here. My teacher is a lousy teacher, but she tests straight from the book. So the info is there for the learning, I just have to make a point to do it.

Friday afternoon at work I could have studied for about 3 hours. I didn't.
Saturday I felt horrible with allergies all day and didn't study (or do anything else).
Sunday I skipped church to study and didn't study.
Monday, after a jewelry party, I could have studied for at least an hour and didn't.
Tuesday, hubby didn't get home until about 9pm and I could have studied from about 5:30 to 9 with no interruptions. I didn't even open my book bag. I watched my newly arrived netflix instead. I am useless!!! There is $1500 at stake here!!!

Tonight, we may have company. Tomorrow, the same company will be here for sure and we need to pack for our road trip/friend's wedding. Friday, we drive half the day and are busy that evening. Saturday, I have no responsibilities (I don't think) until the evening wedding and I might be in a hotel room by myself for a lot of the day. Hubby is a groomsman, but I don't really know the bride that well. I really hope I don't have to do tag-along beauty salon trips with women I might have nothing in common with, I don't want my hair or nails done, and don't want to have "isn't it fun to waste money" conversations. So I could study Saturday afternoon in the hotel room. Anyone want to lay wagers on whether that happens or not?!

Sunday, we drive back from the wedding, I play handbells at church, and we have company for the rest of the day. Maybe exotic, entertaining company! Our friend's ex-wife and daughter from Russia are going to be in country and we may get to see them that afternoon. If the ex-wife and daughter have moved on with their American tour, then we'll visit with our friend and get the debriefing on his visit with his daughter - the first time he's seen her in 6 years. That will be interesting but possibly emotionally painful. So Sunday I won't even try to study. I'll try to do laundry and groceries, but if not, I'll get them done Monday.

Next Monday, I may have weekend chores to do and maybe can't study. Tuesday, I have a long awaited concert to go to, and won't study. Wednesday, I don't have church and might force myself to study. Thursday, we have some political dinner to attend and I won't study (gotta figure out a nice enough dress for my pregnant belly for that one). Friday, we travel for our anniversary weekend, and won't study. Saturday, I think I refuse to study on our one day at a beautiful state park. Sunday, we drive back and do chores and I might force myself to study.

The week after that, I have mostly free evenings, and the final is on that Friday. HOWEVER, I'm expecting 4 relatives in town an hour after the final! Including a mother and a mother-in-law. Whether I like it or not, I will probably become a cleaning fanatic so my mothers don't see my dirt. I logically know that they won't show up with their white gloves, and will likely make allowances for my cleaning because I'm pregnant, but I swear it's built into a woman's DNA: Your mother is coming - THE HOUSE MUST BE PERFECT!

So any little time that I find to study, I really should be studying and not goofing off or sitting on my butt. Last night, the justification was that I'm trying to not get sick. I might be developing a chest infection (like bronchitis or something) and fluids, rest, and healthy eating might help me out. So I rested. For 4 hours. I could have studied while mostly horizontal! Anyway.

So I'm useless!!! And it's going to cost me $1500 if I'm not careful! Do you know how many diapers that is???

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  1. According to my research that is approximately 4918 disposables or 150 cloth.

    Get to studying :)