Friday, April 3, 2009

Backwards world

There's a woman here at work that seems to live in backwards world. We have a little exercise group that does a 20 minute workout most days. If any of us change clothes at all, change our shoes and might change shirts so we don't get our nice or overly warm shirts sweaty. This woman puts on a extra short sleeve T-shirt for exercise. None of us can figure out why. Wouldn't that make you sweat more?

The other day in the restroom, I happened to notice that she washed her hands before she went into a stall. And she flushed as soon as she got in there. As in, the door latched and the toilet immediately flushed. We do not have sensors that flush for us here at work. Other days, I have seen (or heard) her also flush when she's done and washes her hands again. Anyone out there have any idea why someone might do that? She's Korean, if that makes any difference.

1 comment:

  1. Why would an extra-short sleeved T-shirt make you sweat more? Do you mean as opposed to a tank top?

    Maybe the hands washing before is to keep the stall as clean as possible. She might think Americans are nasty because they don't wash their hand before going in. I'm just guessing here.