Thursday, April 16, 2009

the planning race is on!

This weekend, I don't have anything planned. Hubby has two big things planned this weekend that don't involve me. Next weekend, we're going to be out of town for a wedding, coming back early Sunday morning so I can play bells at church, and then visiting with a friend who's in from way out of town. The weekend after that, we're going away for our anniversary trip and will be gone most of the weekend. The weekend after that, we're expecting at least 6 guests in town (not all sleeping at my house) for hubby's graduation and party and some guests will stay thru Monday.

So this is the weekend to get all the big cleaning and food planning done. Yikes. So if I try to do my menu planning that I normally do each week, I really need to plan through May 15th for our groceries because I'm going to be too busy to do the planning part on the weekends, and possibly too busy to do the shopping part too. I guess I could do some of the planning while at work. That never occurs to me...why is that? Oh yeah, I remember! It's about 900 times easier to plan meals when I can stare into the fridge and pantry. I've noticed that the menu plans I make when I'm even just upstairs at my house wind up getting heavily amended as soon as I go downstairs. It's not like these plans are very rigid. I'm likely to eat Wednesday's lunch on Monday and Tuesday's dinner on Thursday. It's more the idea that I've got 5 complete lunches planned and 5 complete dinners planned. When I'm too hungry to think, I can just pick one.

I can take a stab at planning the meals at work today or tomorrow as long as I give myself the flexibility to change it when I nail it all down from my kitchen table.

Ok, that's the food planning ideas. Now what needs to be really, really cleaned that might stay pretty clean for the next month? Vacuuming, get stains out of the carpet with resolve, making up guest beds, moving displaced furniture, file the mountain of filing on my office floor and make my office a comfy den area (Ok this is mostly just for me), throw away all the empty boxes that are sitting around the house (I collect containers for nearly no reason), clean out the flowerbeds in case I want to plant flowers before graduation (pie in the sky!), clean out my car!, pick out 2 suitable dresses for a wedding with my (looks like) fat belly, and start studying for final for class I'm getting a C in. The final is the day before my husband's graduation. If I don't make a B, then I won't get reimbursed for the $1500 that the class cost me. If I make a high B on the final, I MIGHT make a B in the class.

Wow, that's quite a list. I feel tired. And my allergies are trying to turn into either an ear infection or a sinus infection or both. So I feel like crap and it has nearly nothing to do with being pregnant. The only way it does have to do with being pregnant is that I can't take my usual, wonderful allergy medicine because I'm pregnant. I'm paranoid to go and get antibiotics because my friend has a friend who lost a baby at 17 weeks (I'm at 16) after she had taken some "safe" antibiotics from her doctor. Sure that's not supposed to happen, but how could I ever live with myself if that happened?! When really, to be honest, the antibiotics will probably make me better only 2 or 3 days before I would have been better anyway. So basically, suck it up and try to rest and drink a lot.

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