Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

Blah, blah, blah. You've seen that Cheetos commercial where some mom is bragging on and on about how great her kid is doing with Mandarin lessons. Chester says blah, blah, blah. I fear that might be the overwhelming reaction to this blog. Dang, now I want cheetos...

I thought I was going to have a record breaking 4 days in a row without being morning sick. But today I started feeling icky around 11 and still feel icky at 2pm. Though looking back, I basically only consumed sugar until noon, so perhaps that's it. DP, gift candy, and raisins. Raisins are good for you, right?! Anyway, I feel a little better after roast beef. Three days in a row without feeling sick is pretty darn good!

The tobacco tax went up about 30% last night. Hubby bought some cigars for $108 that today cost about $150. Every tax increase has to be about children if it's going to pass, so this one is to provide health care to children. But if you read the non-advertised fine print to that one, a "child" can be as old as 31. That means that I'm a child?! Married and mortgaged for 7 years, Master's degree, and pregnant and I'm still a child?! What were these people smokin? I don't think a "child" should ever be older than 22. After that, you're on your own kiddo.

The funny at the office today: Tomorrow half my department (the manager half) have a 4 hour meeting scheduled. The topic? Time management. One of my friends who falls into that manager half/meeting required is about to pull her hair out lately because she's often stuck in meetings. At these meetings, she gets more assignments, but might go a day and a half where she doesn't get a chance to actually WORK at her desk on any of them. Then more meetings to determine why the work isn't done. Irony.

I've felt really far away from God lately and it's starting to really upset me. The solution is to fix it, of course. God didn't move. I did. I always feel really close to God during Easter. Especially the Good Friday service at church. I don't think I could bear to feel numb at the Good Friday Service. So I've gotta fix this and soon.

Beautiful day here! Everything is blooming and my sinuses are letting me know. I'm extremely glad that I can take most of my regular allergy medicines while pregnant. Advil is not allowed, but Sudafed is. How weird is that? Taking speed is fine, but don't take an anti-inflammatory. Maybe that's how I'll finally feel the baby move! Give us both speed in the name of allergies!

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