Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, yeah, I know it's crazy and I know I'll regret rushing things later, but I'm really ready to start showing already!!! I'm still in my same size pants as pre-pregnancy. I've lost 4 pounds, something I couldn't manage to do while not pregnant. It makes me wonder if there's really a baby in there at all! Sure my periods have stopped, and today is a very unusual 3rd day with no morning sickness, but, but, but, but....is it really in there?! I want to be showing!!! Hubby said, "yeah, remember you said this when your back has been hurting for 2 months straight and you can't see your feet." Extremely good point, but still.

Later that same night, he had his ear to my belly trying to hear something and asked me if I had felt it move yet. I'm at 13 weeks, so it would be highly unusual to feel it kick this early. So on some level, he wants some extra proof (other than an emotional wife) as well.

The doctor had asked me to come back in after 2 weeks to get my blood pressure checked. My BP always runs a smidge high, and that has still been the case, even though your BP is supposed to drop a little while you're pregnant. So while I was there at the doctor's, without my asking, the nurse got out her belly wand thingymajig and we looked for the heartbeat again. This time, it was easy to find, loud, and strong. And at 162, right where it needed to be. Big huge proof that it really is in there! Hubby seemed relieved to hear about it too. He didn't go with me to that appointment since we thought they would only check my BP. The nurse even said the heartbeat was beautiful. How a sound can be beautiful, I don't know, but my little sprout's first compliment was music to my ears!

Last night, Hubby said it looked to him like I'm showing, but perhaps he was being extremely sweet about my new belly button fat. But I'll take it as he meant it, as a sweet compliment.

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