Monday, March 30, 2009

longing for the lake

Hubby called to confirm the dates of our beach vacation with his mother and step-dad. That got me thinking about what other trips we might take this summer and when they might be. Suddenly I was mentally transported to the lake near my folks house. All that wonderful green water, bright sunshine, the smells, security, and relaxation of floating aimlessly neck deep in lake water. How wonderful! I look forward to floating my baby bump around that cove in the lake. There’s likely to be a chocolate cake in the boat that, by the time we get to it, will be so warm from the sun that the super sweet icing will be gooey and get everywhere. Your fingers become a sticky mess that can only be remedied with another dip in the lake. Dang! We always take smoked sausage “hot dogs” and cantaloupe and water melon and eat like ravenous wolves after a few hours of swimming. Everything tastes better when it’s eaten outside.

Last year, I tried water-skiing again for the first time in years. For the first time in my life, my fibromyalgia wasn’t a factor, and I was in great shape physically. Why not! I tried several times, but at best, only skied for about 10 seconds before I bit it. All my bikini parts stayed on (always a plus!) despite my repeated high speed falls into the water. I finally quit trying when my legs were shaky with exhaustion and ALL of my mucus membranes had been stripped of their good mucus. I’m really glad I tried though! I won’t try this year because of the baby, but the year after that, I’ll be 8 months past delivery so I might try again then.

Recently in an economics class, the prof asked how you know whether your vacation was worth the time and expense it took. My answer: if the memories make you relax all over, smile a little, and sigh with contentment, then it was well worth the money. Trips to the lake at my folks definitely rate as “well worth it”. My hubby has even said that he enjoys the lake as much as a Caribbean trip and would substitute that any time. Well that makes life easier! We would see my parents anyway!

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