Friday, March 20, 2009

Feeling better!

I feel great today!! After 2 nights of horrible sleep, I finally woke up today feeling really rested. I even washed my hair early in the morning and it didn't wipe me out! Beautiful day! I felt good enough (not dizzy, woosy, or nauseous) yesterday to exercise with the regular group here at work and I think I slept better because of that. Also, with the onset of spring, perhaps my winter blues are abating. I think my fatigue may be starting to go away! I'm much more able now to move around and do things. Thursday, I was only sleepy from lack of sleep, not weak kneed. An improvement!

Hubby took his exit test for his masters today and he thinks it went well. He picked me up and we had "champ" burgers at checkers to celebrate. Yum!

I'm 6 weeks behind on my 10 year journal and have been trying to catch it up. It's been 2 weeks since I tried and so I'm filling in those last two weeks with much more ease than that 3 week gap in early Feb. This blog helps though. I can be completely blank on what happened that day but I wrote about it here! Keeping the journal at work is kinda obvious, but typing on a computer makes me look like I'm working! Cool!

For the first time in weeks and weeks, I have enough energy on Friday that I have actually thought about what I might want to get done this weekend. Usually, my mind is bursting with this huge, ambitious list on Fridays that I start working on Saturday. But with baby fatigue, it doesn't even cross my mind. I'm busy nearly all day Sunday, and hubby is busy most of the day Saturday, so I better get my stuff done Saturday.

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