Thursday, March 5, 2009


Being pregnant is weird. You never know what to expect from your body anymore. Just last week, the way to cure my nausea was to eat, eat, and keep eating. Now, even when I've just had a whole meal, 10 minutes later, I'm just a little nauseous. Just a tiny, annoying bit.

You never know when you'll be dizzy and when you're trying to hide a pregnancy from your work, you have to be careful who sees that happen! Sitting is lots better than standing. It's amazing how quickly and how often I need to sit. And how often a chair isn't close enough and, look, the floor's right there! Plop. At home, the kitty meows at me when I suddenly drop to the ground. Haven't landed on her yet.

I'm at week 10. They say things should get better around week 12 or 14. Let's go with 12 just for rosy outlook purposes. Glug.

At Easter, I'll be 15 weeks along and we're planning on telling the rest of the world then. Very little chance of miscarriage by then. The rest of the world being work and church. A few folks know at each place, but after Easter I'll take my girlfriends out and make a grand announcement!

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