Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warning! Super sappy cutsy lovey dovey blog!

Warning: Sappy cutsy crap that no one outside the marriage should be subjected to!

We got to hear the heartbeat on Monday and ever since, hubby has been so very sweet and lovey dovey. On Monday, he said in his cute little boy voice that he missed me. I asked if that was because I had two heartbeats, and he said yeah, that could be the reason. He looks at me differently now and I just love it! After (nearly) 7 years of marriage those super special lovey looks naturally get less frequent and it's really great to share this kind of joy with each other. And we're getting to go through all the big joy again since we're telling work this week and we've partially told the church already.

Sappy stuff is over.

When we were in the doctor's office, it took them a while, and 2 nurses, to find the heartbeat. While they were "looking" for the heartbeat, he seemed to be a little distant and distracted. I asked him about it Monday night and he said he had gotten really concerned that they wouldn't find it at all! That honestly didn't occur to me, and I thanked him for not saying that at the time. The whole time that the first nurse was looking, she kept saying that it was so early, and the little guy was so small, and whatsherface would probably come in here and find it immediately which would make her "mad as far" which made me laugh, which didn't help in the search. All these comments made me feel confident that it was there, just hiding. I told him that I've heard that if they are really having trouble finding the heartbeat, there's a (ahem) "non-topical device" (how's that for a technical name) that can hear things much better if they're really concerned. Whatsherface did come in and find it after just a couple minutes. He laughed and I cried a bit.

My blood type is O negative which means I may have an rH issue with the baby's blood type. No biggie, really, but I'll probably have to get a shot later to make sure I don't develop anti-bodies to my baby. My blood pressure is a bit high, but it always has been. Not very high, but it usually gets mentioned. Typically, a woman's blood pressure goes down when she's pregnant. My doctor may want to do something about that if it persists.

We've been talking about little girl names in multiple three sentence conversations. Really just throwing out names and then asking again in a couple days what we think of it. We've been landing on a first name of Hope lately, and just kicking around middle names. If it's a boy, the name is basically predestined, so there's no point in tossing those around.

It's really strange to think about how different life could be for me and hubby if we eventually have either 2 girls or 2 boys. (Right now we've talked about having either 2 or 3 kids.) I've seen extremely girly women turn out with two boys and wind up learning about football, muddy cleats, and jump straight in to tough guy talk. I've seen women who weren't girly at all turn into princess decorating, fingernail painting, dress up queens. It's weird how kids can change who you are so much.

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  1. That's really wonderful how the two of you are bonding over the baby. Just wait until you get to push all of that "joy" out of your "area"! Sorry, this is what infertile people do. It makes us feel a little better ;)

    I always thought the two of you would make great parents. I'm so happy y'all finally agreed with me and are on your way! Not to mention, there is just no way your babies can be anything but adorable.