Sunday, March 1, 2009

Planning ahead

Planning ahead is so important for my daily success in life. I don't mean "I got the promotion" kind of success. I mean "it didn't take me 45 minutes to pick out an outfit and I didn't have chips for supper" kind of success. And it only takes me a few minutes on Sunday to make these plans for success, but I still haven't managed to do that for about a month. Finally, today, I feel good enough to care.

For several weeks, my morning sickness has gotten the better of me and conspired to thwart my efforts at organization. If I’m not nauseous, then I’m fatigued. If I’m not either of those, I’m depressed because it’s Sunday and I still haven’t gotten anything done, which of course encourages lethargy and not productivity. Vicious cycle that is usually solved by exercise (endorphins) but that is currently hampered by the weak-kneed syndrome of the pregnant (at least for me).

But today, I’m fairly well rested, not fatigued (as long as I stay sitting), and I’ve just eaten a meal so my nausea is in retreat (at least for the next 90 minutes). My meal included protein, so I’m actually able to make some decisions. I’ve looked at the weather and plotted out what I want to wear each day based on the temperature. I’ve sat and brainstormed about what actually sounds good to eat lately and am starting on a meal schedule for the week. It’s amazing. When I can think straight, there are lots of good food options just waiting in my pantry! But when it’s 5:30, my hubby isn’t home, and I can’t think straight, then two Little Debbies honey buns and two big glasses of milk might serve as supper. Not the best way to make a baby. On the other hand, I had both carbohydrates and protein!

So today I’m writing out my schedule of food. I start by listing all the snacks or meals that have actually sounded good lately. Quite a long list when I can think straight! Now the plotting begins, keeping in mind that I won’t want a cold lunch on a cold day and that hubby will get home late Mon, Tues, & Wed and I’ll be on my own for putting together a meal for myself. Also keep in mind that two suppers might be required. I’ve found that if I go to bed so full that I’m slightly in pain, then my morning sickness is nearly cured in the morning!

Done! Ok, so that took a lot more effort and white-out than I expected, but I’ve got a week’s worth of meals planned! Woohoo!! It only took me an hour to schedule my clothes, my lunches, my suppers, start a grocery list, and write a blog. Fairly productive hour overall. Kudos to me!

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  1. Wow. I'm useless. I'm *not* pregnant, feel pretty great and have not been that productive all weekend. However, I do have a very healthy, non-stressed psyche. That counts for something. Right?