Friday, March 6, 2009

Solution of the day!

This morning, I actually threw up and because of that, I expected to feel better within just a few minutes. I felt kinda better, but by the time I got to work, I was more nauseous and weak than I think I've been while pregnant. After 45 minutes of literally hanging my head between my knees and eating crackers I finally felt good enough to sit up. Several folks at work noticed me in this hang-dog condition and asked if I was OK. SURE!!! I always do this while I have an ice pack on my neck! It's amazing to me how something cool on your neck can settle your stomach. It makes no sense, but works every time. Well, for me, anyway.

So an hour later, I'm plugging along on some computer work, listening to a book on CD that I've heard several times. In the story, the main character described in detail a delicious roast beef sandwich and the amazing satisfaction it gave. Suddenly, I HAD TO HAVE ONE!!! I called Arby's and found out they opened at 10am. I summoned the energy and got myself over there. I bought their biggest roast beef sandwich and an illicit 2nd Dr Pepper of the day for me. That had to be the best sandwich ever created!!!

I felt 1000 times better immediately after and enjoyed sucking down my enormous Dr Pepper. Now I'm not weak, wobbly, queasy, or anything! The solution for at least today was a big ass, meat filled sandwich! A friend saw the remains of this huge sandwich, with it's one inch think pile of meat and said, "that's what you should be eating while you're pregnant. Big meat that you can just bury your face in." She's right.

So why haven't I been eating big stuff like that? I've been trying to eat healthier but the result is that I have 8 healthy snacks a day and not really any big meals. The big meal is what made me better today. I've got to figure out some really tasty, really big things I can eat that's easy to keep handy. Spaghetti with pasta mixed in, maybe.

That will be easy to figure out, riiiiiiiight!

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  1. Yerp. Your body needs lots of protein and a lot of fat right now. And I don't mean olive oil fat, I mean animal fat. I know some vegans (ok all of them) disagree with me. But you aren't vegan. Eat butter! Eat meat! Enjoy! Avoid fake foods. There, that's all of the assvice I will give on food. For today. ;)

    I'm definitely trying the ice pack on the neck trick.