Monday, March 16, 2009

Heartbeat!! and annoucement

Today we went for a checkup with the OB/GYN and we got to hear the heartbeat!!! I'm only 11 weeks so it took them a while to find it. I started laughing which wiggled me and the nurse lost it. So when she found it again, I held my breath. Nathan laughed and I cried a little because I couldn't laugh. That little heart was just pounding away! Very cool!

On Sunday I finally told my choir members. I felt extremely woosy Sunday and could not catch my breath while standing. As a result, I saw a few spots in my vision at the end of a 4 verse hymn and was very glad to sit down. As soon as our special music was over, I ducked out and went to sit in the congregation. From there, I wound up sitting through a whole other hymn instead of standing, in full view of the choir. After church, when we were all in the choir room changing out of our robes and putting music away, someone asked me if I was alright. I said lightheartedly, "oh, I just can't seem to catch my breath today" and sat down to sort out my music (we all usually stand to do this 30 second task). I turned around and had 5 worried women's faces staring at me. Someone said, "that doesn't sound good." More concerned staring. "Oh hell," I say (in church, I know!) "I was going to tell y'all next week but I'm pregnant." Much relieved joy and lots of hugging. Lots of gushing and questions. Then after a minute, they realize that hubby is there too and they should congratulate him too. Lots more hugging and patting on the back. He says, "well, I was out of work and had to find something to do!" Yuk yuk. (Back in January, we found out I was pregnant 4 days before he got a job.) That was not at all how I planned to tell the choir (i.e. church) but oh well. It couldn't be put off any longer. Very fun day!

Now I want to tell my work immediately. Maybe I should clean up my desk and finish my filing first. Hmmmm....

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