Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easily entertained

I know I'm easily entertained. It makes me a cheap date which is a good thing in my mind. And it's so much easier to be consistently happy if you're easily entertained. This morning, I was entertained by the most creative inventor of entertainment in our house: the cat.

Hubby had let her in while going downstairs to turn the heat on. It was warm enough yesterday that I turned it off and left an upstairs window open. We didn't think of the heat again until our arms were chilly in the morning. Kitty sleeps in the garage with her cat pan because 3am meows could be "hey, I wanna play" or "hey, I gotta GO!" Because of the latter, we always become super awake at 3am meows. So hubby lets the kitty in at like 6:30 and she soon curls up on the foot of our bed, sometimes on my feet, while hubby gets ready for work.

Very relaxed, dishrag kitty is frequently very near the edge of the bed. While stretching and trying to be cute (goal accomplished), half of her body falls off the bed. Normally, she self-corrects before she actually falls off the bed, but not this morning. The hysterical part was that I could see her face during the whole thing! She latched onto the non-stable bedclothes with her front paws, and with completely terrified eyes, meows "Help!" to me as if this is some cliff and her life is at stake. She quickly realizes that her back feet can touch the ground and drops onto the floor. I lean over to see her face and she's got this look: incredibly ticked off and feeling stupid. I'm of course laughing, so then she transfers the filthy look to me, like it's my fault.

To make up for my inconsiderate laughing, I shot 20 hairbands for her entertainment before I left for work and scratched her neck for quiet a while. Hopefully, she will forgive me.

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