Monday, March 9, 2009

not a pregnancy blog (riiiiiight)

I really didn't intend for this to be a pregnancy blog, but it's always the big thing on my mind!

We've entered a new phase of pregnancy. I spent 2 or 3 weeks in the "nauseous all the time but don't hurl" phase, but now I've entered a more annoying phase. A potentially problematic to keeping the pregnancy a secret from work phase. It's the never nauseous but might vomit with absolutely ZERO NOTICE phase!!! As in, my first clue is the fact that my body, involuntarily makes that huge lurching gagging motion and I just hope to God that nothing comes out that first try. This morning, it was mid-primp. Leaning in close to the mirror looking for zits or flakes when I see myself make the vomit motion. "what the h3ll. Really?!" I say, but dutifully go over to the toilet. The whole episode I'm talking to myself with highly logical reasoning. "It's not like there's anything in there, so why don't you just quit. I said quit, you're not going to get anything. Oh, great prove me wrong...what the h3ll is that anyway? where did you get that? Quit showing off and let me comb my hair." I'm actually saying this out loud and the cat comes to investigate. I don't usually talk to myself in the mornings. I talk to her. She sees what's going on and wants to look in the toilet, not understanding why I lovingly fling her aside. It does pass and I never have that clammy, sweaty phase, so that's a relief. I finish getting dressed and go downstairs to eat and leave. Neither of which is a problem, oddly enough.

Had a dream this weekend that I'd had the baby and could communicate easily with it. Upon reviewing my dream, I'm not sure if he spoke back to me or if it was more telepathic. He was a fat little Michelin man guy and about 5 months big even though I'd had him yesterday. People would ask me his name and it was only at that point that I would realize that he was a girl. I'd forget again in a few minutes and realize it all over again. He agreed with me that I should really keep his gender straight. Also, I didn't know other basics like his birthday, weight at birth, or how old he was. Very weird. Also, I was the size I am now, even though I'd supposedly had him yesterday. I'm currently a size 10 with only a little extra thigh and bellybutton fat extra from "normal" for me. Wouldn't that be great!

Spring is springing here with lots of daffodils bursting everywhere and those wretched Bradford Pear trees blooming their pretty and stinky blooms. (No flower should ever smell like crotch.) It will be 70 today! Woohooo!!

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