Friday, March 13, 2009

lunch treat!

Hubby calls me up at 11:30 and offers to take me out to lunch. How sweet! Especially since I talked him into taking the cost out of his allowance since we'll likely want to spend the recreation fund on St. Paddy's day, and I'm negative $15 in my allowance. Sweet guy! And since my lunch plans were sketchy anyway, this is good. I did manage to make it to work today with lunchmeat, mayo, cheese and bread, but I still didn't have a firm and appetizing plan for lunch. That happens when you throw up while packing your lunch. The details get fuzzy. So I got to have yummy gyro meat with that wonderful goo on top. I got to see both of hubby's co-workers too. And I had my illicit 2nd Dr. Pepper that I allow myself on Fridays. Yum!!

Speaking of my negative allowance, I have wonderful friends. Wednesday, we went out to a food court type place for one of the girls' birthday. Since I have a negative balance on my allowance, and the public food court wouldn't care, I took my lunch instead of buying it. Not a single one of them made any jokes about me not buying my lunch! I caught no grief for being cheap and we didn't even talk about the tough economic times or the need to budget in our lives. Two ladies said (when the table wasn't full yet) something like "oh, you brought your lunch?" or "just a sandwich today?" I said, "yeah, I spent 3 weeks worth of my allowance on a concert ticket." "oooo," she says with happy, interested eyes "what concert?" The conversation then went to venue, artist, and seat choices in that particular venue. So I not only got unspoken support from my friends for being cheap, but, even better, it was a non-issue! I've got great friends!

Funny phrase maternity shirts are fun to look at. My favorites right now are "watermelon smuggler" and "practice makes preggy". Also in the running are "you can touch mine if I can touch yours", "pretending to take your advice", and "bake until October". The problem with "practice makes preggy" is that people might then be staring at you and visualizing the practice. Probably not what anyone really wants. A shirt for hubby would be "surrogate father" printed right over his Buddha belly. I wonder if I'll even buy any of these, or if just thinking about them is entertainment enough. I think I'd rather be $30 further out of debt before the baby comes than to have a $30 T-shirt I can only wear for less than a year. Where's the $8 version?

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