Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding hotel recap

I actually got some more studying done last night! Yeah me! About 3 hours worth actually. I bet I can get an hour's worth in at lunch today and maybe 2 hours worth before my very fun concert tonight!

Yesterday, hubby and I both started out the day quite grumpy because we tried to get up and get ready at the same time. This is never advisable in our marriage. Also, I was very clumsy and dropped EVERYTHING I touched while trying to pack my lunch. I finally just gave in and raked all my lunch stuff out of the fridge onto the floor and packed my lunch from the floor. It was just easier. It's always odd that when I'm angry about that kind of thing, hubby feels the need to tell me that this is not his fault so quit taking it out on him. Apparently angry in his presence translates in his mind to angry at him? I will never understand that. Of course he wasn't making me drop everything! So we were both grumpy and slightly mad at each other before we went to my doctor's appointment. Then we got to hear the heartbeat again! And the baby kept squirming around making weird noises on the heart monitor. That made us both smile, and laugh and definitely turned our day around. He kissed me with a smile and bolted off to his meeting.

This weekend, we had a wedding in a neighboring state. The recommended hotel for the wedding attendants was the Renaissance for a "special" price of $150 per night. Odd that they offered me $140 when I didn't identify myself with the wedding party. Anyway, I thought I could do better than that. I looked up where the reception was and looked for a hotel closest to that. How about $70 per night instead? And right across the street from the reception. Turns out, our hotel has a contract with the local Air Force base and typically is full of Air Force guys all during the week. On our weekend, there were about 3 rooms full. Also, several things didn't really work, like the ice machine, the continental breakfast, and the cable was fuzzy. I also had to finish installing a fixture in the bathroom. But the bed was WONDERFUL!!! The air was cold (crucial in our location) and we were a half block from the reception and about 5 from the church. We even had a fridge and microwave so our bag of groceries fed us all weekend long. We were extremely happy for the price. After staying in some pretty strange youth hostels in the UK and Ireland, we're rather adventurous hoteliers. The wedding was beautiful and expensive (not on my dime!) and we had a lot of fun. A very southern wedding. Appetizers for both the rehearsal diner and the reception included fried green tomatoes, ribs, and grits. Hubby got to talk about secession with some wedding guests and how that might be a way out of the president's communist plans for our country. He was giddy to have someone to talk about that stuff.

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