Monday, September 20, 2010

10+ year journal notes

It's been a while since I put down bullet type details to transfer to my 10+ year journal when I have time.

Sept 11 - Quint's first few steps - nine to be exact - toward me!
Sept 11 - Quint's first birthday party
Sept 16 - Hepititus A and Pneumococcal. He also has an ear ache.
Sept 17 - Extremely painful ear ache for Quint
Sept 4 - Abby and Ryan visit for the weekend
Sept 9 - DAK arrives for birthday weekend
Sept 10 - Mom and Dad arrive for birthday weekend.
Aug 13-15 - Us in TX
Aug 1-4 - Hubby in SC
Aug 18-20 Hubby in Portland Oregon
Sept 14 - Hubby got a smart phone
Sept 8 - Hubby got his lapband adjusted
Sept 17 - Hubby has lost 30 pounds! The vest to his Bonnie Prince Charlie coat fits for the first time ever. I have to move the buttons on his dress uniform.
Sept 18 - Grand Master visits the house
Sept 12 - Hubby was supposed to go to his Mom's but had huge sense of foreboding. Stayed home.
Sept 24-26 - All three go to Ohio
Aug 5 - Hubby elected by 65%!
July 19-23 - Hubby stayed home with Quint for a whole week. At the end, he knew he could raise him by himself.
June 10-13 - All in TX
June 19-27 - NC, Myrtle Beach, NC
June 19 - visit with Tom
June 26 - visit with Bob
June 12 - Quint crawled for the first time


  1. Can we see an actual picture of the 10+ year journal. I really like this idea and am wondering if it's something I could do. I think you've shown me before, but I want to see it again.

    Also, how was the lap band adjusted? Would Hubby allow you to post a picture of him in his Bonnie Prince Charles outfit? I'd love to see it!

  2. Go to and search for 10+ year journal. It's the only thing that comes up. The 2010-2020 version is black, but mine is green like the 2009 version.

    I've got a new picture of Hubby's belly showing his now 30 lbs weight loss!. I'll post about it soon. I took video of him in his big fancy garb that I'd like to post as well. I'll get on it at home.