Friday, September 3, 2010

Loaded for bear

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us. Hubby's sister and boyfriend are in town and staying with us. Some other friends of ours are in town and staying with some other friends of ours, but we're planning on getting together a good bit. Hubby's aunt and uncle will be passing through town Sunday and would like to meet the baby.

To prepare for this distinct lack of schedule, I've loaded down the baby bag and trunk. With nearly zero notice, I could be away from the house for approximately a day and a half before I ran out of diapers, jarred baby food, or baby clothes. I have spoons, baby wipes, baby washrags, PJs, toys, blankets (AKA drop cloths), an umbrella stroller, (no baby bug spray yet), bottled water, baby cups, and at least three kinds of baby snacks. I have nothing on my weekend list that can't wait. I have all the laundry (except one load) washed AND dried. I have groceries bought to be able to produce three large meals at the house this weekend. OK, so one of them is just spaghetti, but I could feed an army! I have chips, I have dips, I have diet ginger ale (for mixing), I have frozen cookies. I have the guest room ready for company (but need to put more towels in their bathroom, come to think of it.) I am mentally prepared to have my guests' stuff in weird places. I have the still camera in my purse and need to put the video camera (and charging cord) in the car. I even have 3/4 of a tank of gas!

I am not carting around the pack and play this weekend in case Quint needs a nap somewhere random. We can just go for a drive and sleep in the car. Maybe I should put a book for me in the car for while he naps.

I'm all excited with my preparations and am almost daring Murphy to try to thwart me. I said almost! ALMOST! You hear that Murphy!!

So let's see, what is still on my to-do list?
Pack bug spray, and baby leash for lawn crawling.
Pack/charge video camera.
Put still camera batteries in the car.
Put Diana Galbaldon book in the car.
Put towels in guest bathroom.

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