Monday, September 13, 2010

Quint's first steps!

First of all, I have so much to put in the blog today that I'll separate things into different posts like "presents", "party", and "walking". This one is "walking"

Quite the busy weekend for Quint. Just before his first birthday party, he took his first steps!

This is my first attempt to upload anything to youtube and then link it in, so I hope it works.

Quint was really really hungry when he took his first steps. He was overdue for a full meal, so Cherrios were the big motivator. But also, he started walking to me and/or the camera, both of which he loves!

This was on Saturday. This morning, he took one unaided step towards me. So we're on our way!!! Grandpa Billy put all the baby latches on all the cabinets this weekend, so we're ready for a fast moving little boy!

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