Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Quint!!!

In the beginning, there was a tiny blue line.....and much rejoicing....

And then it was all about me....
and occasionally him... (behold, we see through a mirror dimly...)
but mostly me....
and then him....
and now, it's just all about him. Quint was born on 9-15-09 at 12:26pm. He weighed 7lbs, 7oz.
When he was fresh squeezed, his hair looked curly, but it just needed a comb.
Here's roughly a picture a month for my wonderful little fellow.
I still have a hard time talking about anything else.
"Hi mom!" Ahhh the magical bouncy seat which could calm my baby within three bounces. At times I thought my foot would fall off, but I bounced anyway.
1 month old
"Yay! A clean diaper!" 2 months old
It wasn't always a bed of roses...
It's a good thing he was so cute. Those first three months, it sooooo made it worth it.
4 months old.
5 months old.
6 months old.
7 months old.
8 months old.
9 months old.
10 months old.

11 Months old

First Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday Quint! You have changed my life in ways I would never have guessed. You have made every moment richer. You have made it easy to sort out what in my life is important and what really is not. Your kisses are the sweetest thing ever. Your love of music and dancing booty always makes me smile. I love to watch you learn new things. You are the joy of my life and I love being your Mom.

What Quint is up to right now: Quint is learning to drink out of a cup and really likes crystal lite lemonade. He is almost weaned and has done all of that himself. He eats 6-8 ounces of baby food goo three times a day with tons of snacks in between. He really likes fried chicken. He can say mama, dada, cracker, and papa with regularity and consistency. At other times, we swear that he's said outside, OK, thank you, dat (meaning cat) and once even "hey cat" while trying to get the kitty's attention. He is walking around all furniture while holding on and absolutely loves his white, hard soled walker shoes. As in cries when I take them off him until I give him one to hug. A time or two, he has insisted on taking the shoes to bed with him. He took his first few unassisted steps just before his birthday party. He had missed a meal and was in search of cheerios. He weighs 22 pounds and is in a forward facing car seat. On the way home from daycare each day, he chats away and tells me all about his day. I can understand none of this, of course, but I pretend like I can and respond with interest. He loves to swing doors back and forth and the pantry and dryer doors are endlessly entertaining. He's a very active little boy with a good sense of humor. He loves to be squirted in the face with water. Gravity is a favorite toy as is anything with buttons that he should not have.

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