Thursday, September 30, 2010

Losing My Job

On Monday, at 9am, they called me in and told me that I was losing my job.

My position is being expanded and I don't fit. That's the short version. They need someone with a BA in Accounting, not a BA in Religion and 3 Accounting classes. I had seen it coming. I knew I had a sweet gig, too good to last forever. I knew the other shoe would drop eventually. I was surprised that it was now, but I got over that shock pretty quick. Of course, during the subsequent 3 days at home with a sick baby, I would at times forget all about it for hours at a time.

They're being really sweet about it. I've been there nearly 5 years and they're giving me 10 weeks of severance pay. My last day isn't until December 10th. I can go to job interviews on the clock between now and then. They want me to train my replacement on what I do now.

Since my work is a church related non-profit, they don't participate in unemployment, so I can't collect unemployment. But they've basically given me 5 months notice before my money situation actually changes.

I'm a little sad, but certainly not angry with them. I'll miss my friends with tons of new-mother advice. And my lunch time walks. And only having to work 36.25 hours per week. At whatever schedule I clear with my boss each week. And the 20 minute exercise program they have each day. And the ability to shop craigslist for way too long each day. And being able to listen to books on CD. *big sigh* But who can really expect to get ALL those lovely benefits perpetually.

I've been really blessed to be a Jr. Staff Accountant for 5 years with absolutely no prior accounting experience.

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