Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick little boy

My baby boy has been sick. Last Thursday, we had his regular 12 month visit and found that he had an ear infection. They gave him two inoculations on top of that. Bad idea.

Friday night, he had an extremely painful ear ache - his first painful one. Lots of tricks finally made it better. He still felt bad for all of Saturday and part of Sunday, but he seemed like himself Sunday evening. Monday, Priscilla said he had some interesting diapers, and didn't seem himself. So I cuddled him up good Monday night. Tuesday, Priscilla called mid-morning saying he was sick and I needed to come get him. He had several interesting diapers through until about 3pm. Hubby and I played some tag team and both watched him Tuesday. The diapers grew less interesting. We fed him yogurt to put back good bacteria in his gut. Things got better. Wednesday he seemed a whole lot more normal. His morning diaper was a little odd, but nothing scary. After the noonish nap, he FINALLY started acting like himself. Actually smiling and laughing.

I knew he was finally better when we were at Walgreens. I had crouched down and set Quint on my leg like a seat. He clambered to get down and I let him down in the nearly empty store. Crawling, he made a B-line for the toy aisle a few feet away. I let him go and he entertained himself by looking at the shiny toys.

We finally started giving him a teaspoon or more of yogurt with each dose of antibiotics. It seems to help.

Finally, a week and variety of symptoms later, I think he may be well. Just in time for us to leave town to visit a whole passel of family! I've nursed him so much in the last few days that I'm starving on a regular basis again.

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