Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sick Boy - STILL!

Sunday, on the way home from Ohio, Quint had a fever. Sunday night, he started in with the disgusting runny, green nose. Monday morning, as we were getting ready for work and daycare, I had it in my mind that I'd be back home with him soon.

Sure enough at 9:30, Priscilla emailed me saying, in a much sweeter and more specific way, come get your snot nosed kid. I went and got him. She said they would wipe his nose, go wash their hands, and when they got back, he'd need his nose wiped again. And we mean seriously wiped. He seemed to have a fever too. I tried to get us an appointment on Monday, but they were booked. So we went home and I tried the old tried and trues - ibuprofen and benadryl. Things got a tiny bit better. I had to wipe is nose even more often, but it was thinner.

Monday night, there was now a very icky sounding cough involved. And a time or two he couldn't nurse because he couldn't breath through his nose.

Tuesday morning, we had our appointment with a fill in pediatrician because our wonderful doctor always has Tuesdays off. Appointment at 9:50. The hag actually came in our room at 11:20. That's right. Ninety minutes with an energetic and grumpy toddler who wants to go love all the other (non-sick) children in the waiting room. At least a half hour of that with a mostly naked, sick baby in a room which was a tiny bit cool. I'm so glad I took one of his fuzzy blankets in preparation for the mostly naked part of any baby appointment. The hag (no other word for it) smelled like a (clean) 80 year old woman, hadn't read enough of the chart to know if Quint was a boy or a girl, and I had to tell her that we'd been to the doctor 10 days before. When I tried to tell her about the weird results of that ear infection/innoculation problems we had last week, it was obvious that she was impatient to leave.

I'm so glad I went! Yeah, right. But we did get another round of antibiotics. He does have at least one ear infection (right side) and may or may not have another on the other side. That's how specific she was.

We went home and Quint slept for 2 hours - straight through lunch. He seemed to get a bit worse through the day, even though I kept up with the ibuprofen and benadryl. At 7pm, I went to Walgreens with him to get his antibiotics and some other essentials. I bought them all at Walgreens just so we wouldn't have to go to a second store. This became the plan when he started coughing more and constantly as soon as he hit fresh air. I wiped his nose 8 times while we were in Walgreens. He was worse when we got back. I fed him yogurt and his new antibiotic. I'm starting to wonder if he's immune to antibiotics. Not allergic to them, but perhaps they're ineffectual. Last time we had two rounds and he seemed better. Did the antibiotics do anything? How fast would he have gotten better without antibiotics?

Today (Wednesday) he seems a little bit better. He still has an icky sounding cough, but it's not as bad sounding. I think he had a fever at noonish.

Hubby has had big things going on at work this week, so I've been home with Quint. Daycare is closed Friday, so I wonder if we should even contemplate trying to send him to daycare on Thursday.

Here at 9:30 at night, he still has a cough that sounds like he's sick. And we're still having to wipe his nose every few minutes. So he'll stay home again tomorrow (Thursday), but this time with Daddy.

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