Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend rundown

I had a really good weekend. It was relaxing and peaceful, and I'm really trying not to ruin those memories by kicking myself for not getting things, you know, DONE! There was nothing I needed to get done that didn't get done. I had pre-done stuff to make sure of that.

Hubby's sister and boyfriend were in town which filled the house with music, Avatar, and conversation. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had the house open almost the whole weekend. I love our yard and it's 4 million trees. With their shade and a breeze, it was 80 degrees outside but 75 or so in the house. Beautiful dappled light suffused the whole weekend in one way or another.

We even got to hang out in the hammock with the baby! Our extremely mobile child wasn't feeling tip top (teething probably) and so was content to just sit and lean on one of us while we swang in the hammock. We have a string set up so we can make ourselves rock from within the hammock. Quint figured out how that worked and tried to pull the string himself. Which was very cute but completely ineffective.

Hubby's aunt and uncle stopped by on their way through town and got to see Quint for the first time. It was really great to see them! I haven't seen them, omigosh, in close to 2 years! Thanksgiving before last I think.

We need a new deck. Ours is 22 years old and soooooo looks it. It's a splinter factory, and seems a bit small, but perhaps that's just our furniture choices. I visited our neighbors for a few minutes this weekend and we sat on their wonderful deck. It's just a couple years old and not covered over with trees. That means it stays cleaner. I could put Quint down on the deck and let him explore. (For those panicky grandmothers out there, his head can NOT fit through the slats and there was a gate at the top of the stairs.) But we agree that a new roof is first, then a deck, then siding for 2 sides of the house. We gotta put that in the budget somewhere.

We went to a local state park and walked their 2 mile lovely walkway. I had my loaded for bear baby bag with me which Hubby asked, as always, "do we really need all that?" To which I replied, "How many times have you asked me that in our marriage and what was the answer then?" We put it in the stroller anyway, it's not like I asked him to carry the thing. And as a result, we had bug spray, water, baby snacks, Quint's lunch, and wet washrags to wipe him down afterward.

Last night, we bought some fried chicken at Walmart and I fed bits to Quint while I ate. This was the first adult food that he's really taken to! Well, the first non-mush adult food. He's liked mashed potatoes for quite some time. He flung the salmon fillet at the wall. He slung the string cheese off his hand as if I'd handed him a spiderweb - spider intact. Tiny pieces of cut fruit have popped right back out. Plain white rice was jerked out of his mouth and wiped on his tray. But the boy loves chicken skin! This weekend, maybe I'll try him on some diced carrots and other stuff I know he likes in mush form.

I finally found his little blue shoes last night! Priscilla kept saying that he had hidden them from me on purpose and I think maybe he did! He loves to play with doors, swinging them back and forth and back and forth.... the dryer door is just fascinating! He had apparently played with the linen closet door sometime last weekend and closed the shoes up in there. I guess he was ready for the next size up and this was the only way he could tell me. He loves his little hard soled walkers so much that he's taken them to bed 3 times as his binki. We probably won't put his first blue shoes on him again, but I certainly didn't want to loose them!! So now they're found. Yay!

I DID get the microwave cleaned out, got rid of a nearly permanent pile of junk near the phone, scrubbed two (out of 4) kitchen cabinets to perfection with a Mr. Clean Eraser, and (drumroll please) completely cleaned off the dining room table!!!! This morning, I even found all the paperwork necessary for our mortgage refinancing in about 5 minutes worth of searching. Isn't it great when things are correctly filed?!

Tonight, I need to clean out the refrigerator to make room for an iced birthday cake and a crock pot. We need to dry the guest sheets and put them back on the bed. Switch out the towels in the guest bathroom... buy more Dr. Pepper...empty the video camera and recharge its' batteries... Ok, so all that won't get done tonight, but it needs to get done before Thursday.

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  1. I think that "buy more Dr Pepper" should be the number one priority on your "to do list", but that is just me! Sounds like a great weekend!!