Monday, September 13, 2010

Quint's Birthday Party

Look for several additions to this post today as I have time to work on them. But just to get this video up as soon as possible for Quint's Grandmother, here you go!

This weekend, we had Quint's first birthday party. His birthday is not until Wednesday, so I just picked a Saturday to have the party. We had several friends over and several family members came to town to shower our little guy with gifts. We are very grateful for all the wonderful gifts. Soon, we will separate them into perhaps three batches, store some away for a while and then bring them out when a fresh toy would be good.

There was a monkey theme to the party with plates, cups, napkins, cake, rug (yes rug!) and whatnot.

I made and decorated the monkey cake for Quint's birthday. It turned out MUCH better than the first try and only took 2 hours or less to decorate. Lots of short breaks to deal with small fry dangling on my leg while I outlined things in icing. My hand was half crippled from squeezing an icing bag at the end, but I got two backrubs out of the deal!

Here's just part of the loot from the birthday weekend!
Here's a synopsis of the loot. New are the big blue ball, (the stool is old), the table toy with 4 blue legs, the wood puzzles on the floor and chair, (the basket of toys is old), the ball popper, and 3 or 4 DVDs.
A new piano/xylophone can be played with the red sticks or you can plink on the (invisible from this angle) piano keys just in front.
Quint loves this learning and music table. It has a million songs and noises, several things to flip back and forth, it speaks English and Spanish, teaches alphabet and numbers, cooks eggs, can parallel park, can field dress a moose, and has planted the seeds of world peace. It also has an off switch. :-)

These are some new bath toys that we'll try out tonight when we try to scrub that big scab off his head. We've got a couple other new bath toys that have already been kid tested and mother approved. The dolphin squirter is really fun. I'll have to take a picture of the safest frog on the planet which is now our carseat toy.

This fun, monkey rug is double sided and just darn cute! It's pretty big too! Probably three feet across at the ears.
This shows the xylophone/piano, a lovely wood block house my dad built (and Quint for some reason did NOT knock over), an elephant toy, a single weeble (we have 4), and the walk and ride lion that I got on Craigslist.

The weebles have been a whole lot of fun already. Quint put them in one of the package boxes and would scoot them side to side, watching the weebles dance choreographically.

There's the ball popper which I don't have a still photo of, but here's a link to a great video of it. There's one of these in the church nursery, but the balls have all gone missing and I think the batteries are dead as well. Friday, I bought some balls to go in the one at church and was going to take batteries too just because we wanted to see it work! And then Hubby's sister had this one shipped to us just an hour later. So I immediately had extra balls for my own ball popper!

There's even one more present that hasn't gotten unwrapped yet, but my sister said it was a bath toy and we could just unwrap it later. The big problem with baths lately has been that he won't stay sitting down. Maybe all these bath toys will help with that. Or maybe I'll just have to start getting completely in the tub with him. I'd be just as wet as I am outside the tub!

Some friends of ours are getting married on Halloween and they bought Quint a superman costume for the wedding. We will be in nice dress clothes, but the kiddies will be in costumes. It is size 2T but looks like it will fit perfectly!

I think my mother purchased every monkey-themed outfit at Walmart that was in either size 12M or 18M, so we've got some incredibly cute new clothes too. Several of our friends have recently given us boxes of 12m and 18 month clothes and Quint has everything he needs in life.

So Quint's birthday was a big hit, he (and we) enjoyed his cake, we enjoyed seeing our friends who were willing to come to a 1 year old's birthday party, and we received enough gifts to last the next six months.

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