Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Names

Hubby was apparently horrified that I had put tentative baby names on the blog. Apparently, he thought it was a big secret to keep until the actual birth. It would help if he would tell me what the big secrets are.... He's all concerned about someone stealing the name or trying to talk us out of whatever we pick. So for everyone who remembers the names that we thought was a good idea a few months ago, please mentally replace them with Ganieda (girl) and Seamus (boy).

I should have known better than to tell him anything about the blog. He disapproves of almost anything I put on here. Including, I'm sure, that sentence!

We've been talking about girl names for years because the boy name was already decided. Here's the rejects:
Any flower names
Any spice names
Anything that you have to correct the pronunciation once people read it aloud.
Anything that you have to immediately spell aloud if anyone is writing it down.

You've always got to make sure that you don't give a child a name that they'll live up to. Madeline (Maddy) could really live up to her name as a teen. Constance could be a deceitful witch. I don't like the name Devon because it's too close to demon.

OK, I've just spent 6 minutes looking up bad baby names. Here are my favorite
Mitermayer - it's another word for thingamabob but seems like it should live on my dad's toolbench.

Murphy (comments by someone else)
It's just one of those names that's fun to say and will fit on basically any type of man: alcoholic, saint, young, old, mysterious, open...

Yes, the first association I want with my little baby's name is "alcoholic." You can never be too prepared for the future!

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