Friday, October 29, 2010

Haven't blogged in days

Since I haven't blogged in days, I thought I'd just catch y'all up on a few not interesting things.

Wednesday, I had a job interview that I'd really been looking forward to. It is a church secretary position. Great interview, looks like it would be a great job..... 2 large hitches. #1 It's a 40 minute drive one way from my house. That would mean an extra hour apart from my kids each day. #2 The job pays $10k less than I make now. With two kids in daycare, and some small cuts to our budget, that means we would have just barely enough to get by. So perhaps that lovely looking job is a no-go. Even if they raise the pay, I'm not sure I want to drive that far each day.

On the way home from that interview, I became really ill. I had to pull over and have Hubby come rescue me. I threw up for several hours and had severe chills and a raging headache. Definitely not morning sickness. Things were some better Thursday, but I was really behind on my eating. I stayed home and recuperated. No one else has been sick at home.

Twice in two days, it has been EXTREMELY handy that I know how to parallel park my big ole Lincoln. It has saved me time, stress, time, and stress. I KNEW that would come in handy. It only took me 15 years to learn, but hey! I 've got it now!

We've got tons of company coming in this weekend for my husband's best friend's wedding. My Father-in-law and brother-in-law will be "camping" in an airstream out back, using our bathroom and shower facilities. A friend, his girlfriend, and her 18 month old little girl will be in the house with us. I'm all excited about how prepared I feel to host an 18 month old over night. I'm very excited to meet the friend's girlfriend as well. I'm looking forward to getting their names straight as well. Whenever I ask my friend what their names are, I get 3 or 4 versions of Elizabeth or Isabel. Like the girlfriend's name is Elizabeth, most people call her Izzy, but our friend calls her Lisa. Or is the daughter Izzy? Our friend says he is actually Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, which just confuses things further.

With as much time as I've spent away from work this week, and the short-timer's syndrome that keeps getting worse, I really just don't want to be at work. Some of our guests are already at the house and I wanna be there. But I have to work today and then I have tax class tonight.

I obviously skipped tax class on Wednesday, so now I'm behind. Or I should say, more behind. The homework for each class is taking longer and longer to complete and right now stands at about 4 hours of reading and exercises. Exactly when am I supposed to spend 2 hours a day working on this ...stuff? Just skip 2 hours of sleep a day while I'm pregnant and seem to need about 12 hours of sleep per day? Skip work and get in trouble or get my paycheck shorted or both? Skip time with my sweet son? Absolutely not! And looking ahead, it doesn't appear to get easier. Soon we will stop filling out tax returns by hand and start filling them out on the computer, but I bet that won't cut down the time it takes to prepare for each class. If anything, it will reduce the flexibility of being able to do homework anywhere. But if I ditch the class, then I ditch my Plan B of working tax season and still having income while I'm pregnant. I still have 17 classes left. The mid-term is next Wednesday, just after we've had all this company.

And because I was so sick on Wednesday, I didn't take my medicine Wednesday night. That means I skipped an anti-depressant pill. Which means I'm a little down on top of all that previous paragraph.

Anyone got a super-duper solution to my hours in the day and tax class problem? Maybe someone farther away has some better perspective.

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  1. Wow! You have a lot going on. I know that you are trying to take care of yourself, but I am going to remind you to do it anyway! i do not have a solutions for the time problem. There is only so much time in a day. You are definitely overloaded. Sometimes when I can step back a little, I can usually find something that I am over committed in that can be reduced for a time that helps. Are there things somewhere else that you can temporarily cut back on until this time passes? Just a thought. I will continue to have you in my prayers.