Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Priscilla and Uncle Vester

On my ever growing list of things to do before baby #2 arrives is to finish Quint's baby book. One of the things I still need for the book is a picture of Quint's first care-givers. So I brought my camera to daycare today. I asked Priscilla and her husband, Uncle Vester, to stand beside each other and pretend like they like it. Easily done! Quint's in the highchair to get his breakfast. Please notice what Uncle Vester is doing. He's got the mallet from one of those pound-the-peg toys and is pretending to whack Quint. Priscilla is defending him. These folks are great. They love my son and manage to force him to eat solid food while he will only eat goo for me.

One of the things I force myself to refuse to think about each day (lately) is what if I'm out of work for so long that I have to give up Priscilla and loose our place there. She's very close by, she's wonderful, she makes him try new things and lets him try new things. Would I really be willing to let a 13 month old child finger paint?! Of course not! There's only 12 kids there, of every age, race, and even one special needs child. She's cuddly for Quint. Both her and her husband are really funny and joke with the kids. He takes fewer naps there because he can't stand to miss out on the more friends and better toys. To guard against me forgetting to pay each week, I keep a checkbook in the bag with a whole bunch of undated checks filled out for the right amount. She puts the receipt in the baggie with the checkbook. Keeping him there is even cheaper than the baby-warehouses where there are 12 children of the exact same age in the same room, with 4 revolving workers throughout the day. We would have paid MORE. When we first visited when I was still pregnant, Hubby and I exchanged one look and basically lunged for the application form and waiting list.

So basically, I really, really, really, really hope that I either find a job before I start showing, or that Hubby gets some other job in January that makes a little more so I could just stay home for a while.

Everyone's praying for us and our jobs and our babies, RIGHT!!!


  1. All of you are definitely in our prayers! Even though my prayers all tend to divulge down to one word each night, "HELP!".

    This is one of those times that you will look back on and realize how well God provides.

  2. I am praying for you all as well. I agree with Spinner's comment above, you will look back on this time and see how your faith kept you going and how God provided. Then it will become the first entry in the new babies' book!