Friday, October 8, 2010

In the cat-bird path

Our kitty has been most interesting lately. I swear she knows I'm pregnant. Last time when I got pregnant, she started being a lap cat for the first time ever. Now, any time the baby is 3 feet away from me, she wants to lay on my lap, despite the fact that I may be standing. So that's really sweet.

On the other hand, she recently peed in the pack and play! Me and my super-duper pregnant nose figured this out pretty quick, but not quick enough to rub her face in it and spank her. Tomorrow, I need to pull the "mattress" out of it and hose it down in the yard.

Last night, she didn't come home. Typically, when she doesn't come home at night, she arrives then next day with either A-some wound from a fight (usually minus her collar) or B-with some dead or partially dead heartfelt gift which she deposits 6 inches from the door RIGHT WHERE your foot normally lands.

Since she didn't come home last night, I just put some kibble out for her in the usual place in the garage and went about loading up Quint for the day. After everything's in the car, I hear her collar bell jangle. I start to call her and notice that she's quietly sitting by the back garage door. Odd that she's not meowing to get in or get attention.

Then I see it.

She has something fist sized and brown in her paws and mouth. With dismay in my voice, I start thanking her for her lovely gift when.... it up and flies directly for my head! I have this clear image of a bird in flight with it's beak pointing directly at my eyes, it's face therefore looking like a big target! I duck, yell, and run out of the garage and start to laugh. (Of course our nutty neighbor is in his yard!) I look back at the cat. One very proud meow. THEN her eyes widen at a spot just behind me and she bolts straight for me! I leap out of the way! I see her climb the nearest tree in a flash of light and obviously attack the bird, which I can't decipher from the bark of the tree.

She fetches it back down and holds it down for me to appreciate. I laugh some more, thank her, again get in the car to leave. The last I saw of the bird - and the cat - the bird had made a low altitude flight to the side yard and Callie had arrogantly strolled after it, smugly smiling at the bird's fate. So I fully expect to find a dead bird near the back door when I get home.

I really wish she would just COME HOME at night!

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