Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lap-band update: Here he is in June.

And here he is in September, 30 pounds lighter.

I applied for 11 jobs on Monday and 9 jobs yesterday. There's a church secretary job in a nearby town that looks perfect, so I'm hoping for that. I also signed up for the H&R Block Income Tax Course. It's an 8 week course that ends the last day of my employment at my current job. If no other job turns up for me, then I can take this course, get certified, and hopefully start working at H&R Block in January. The tax season will be over in April or May, by which time I'll be big as a house and getting ready to pop. I'll have my baby in May or June, and then can work on what to do next. The timing is perfect. The class is cheap ($199) and the only down side (so far) is how much time I'll have to spend away from Quint in the evenings. But that will mean Quint gets more time with his daddy, which is not a bad thing. I will desperately miss kissing his sweet little cheeks on those nights, but income for my family is incredibly important as well. I'll see less of him for 8 weeks, and then after December 10th, I'll be with him night and day for several weeks, catching up on cheek kisses.

Quint's illness:
Hubby took Quint to the doctor today and found out that he STILL has an ear infection. AND he developed gooey eye infections while on his second round of antibiotics. I'm starting to think he's immune to antibiotics. We got a different kind of antibiotics which the doctor said we should see rapid results with. Quint got a dose sometime during the day and his eyes stayed mostly clear all evening. Also, for the first time in weeks (since his birthday party Sept 11th) he was feeling good enough and was happy enough that I felt the need to get out the video camera. So we've got a couple minutes of him hamming for the camera. We've got an appointment with an ear specialist on Friday to talk about tubes or something.

I'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant. The fatigue has certainly showed up and I yawn non-stop. I'm a bit bloated. He's nearly lentil size!

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  1. Yeah! This is all good news! You have very strong organizational skills, so you will do well as a church secretary or tax specialist. The tax class may just mean missing some time with Quint now so that you will have more time to spend with him and baby later.