Friday, October 22, 2010

Smaller things

Thursday, I had two job interviews so I wore a suit. A suit which oddly shrank during the day in the belly and thigh area. Perhaps it was that entire bag of candy pumpkins I've eaten over the past 4 days.

So the first interview turned out to be a pyramid scheme. I realized this about 5 minutes in and didn't have the guts to be rude and just leave. They were selling investment products which were only a little fishy at first glance, but might have been legit. But there's this one word that never goes with my personality: sales. So I listened to her pitch and enjoyed the manicured landscape outside. On my way out the door, the threshold bit my foot and broke my shoe. So I had to leave there barefoot. Thankfully, the parking lot wasn't hot to the touch.

In a nutshell: waste of time and broke my shoe.

I repaired my shoe admirably with some black duct tape back at the office.

My second interview was with H&R Block. They had a job fair and interview session. Thankfully, I was #8 on the sign in sheet and was in the first wave of interviews. I might have been the only one there in a suit. The interview was really more like a visit. My interviewer went from sitting forward tensely writing to leaning back, shoulders down and writing when she found out I had my masters. She asked me 5 questions off their interview questionnaire and I got a ranking of 3 on all of them. Hopefully, this was on a 3 point scale.

I was so tired when I got home at 7pm. Quint had just gone down for a nap and he didn't get up again before 9pm. I sooooo needed some down time so I refused to study and just read my Diana Gabaldon book in my fuzzy, comfy sweats. I was trying to think why I was so tired - I got a great night's sleep last night.

Oh yeah! I'm pregnant! When I was pregnant with Quint, in my first trimester, I would come home from work, hold down the couch for 4 hours and then go to bed. Now, instead, I'm going to class or playing with Quint. That might be it!

Hopefully I'll hear the heartbeat on Monday and it will all seem much more real. Some days I forget I'm pregnant. And a lot of the time, I'm just uncomfortable which makes me really not look forward to the next 8 months. But once I view the baby as a baby, I'm sure that will improve my outlook.

This morning Quint and I got up early so we could play some. At one point he was toddling across the living room, and I asked, "Can you come give me a hug?" He grinned, toddled over to me while flapping his arms like a bird, and crashed his head onto my lap in a big hug! Awesome!!! I don't know who taught him that, but that is awesome!!! So my morning was better for a few baby hugs.

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