Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quint's illness & H&R Block

Little Quint is finally better!! Tuesday he went to the doctor and they gave him round 3 of antibiotics which seemed to clear up his gooey eye infections instantly. He seems like his normal self now!

I started the H&R Block Income Tax course last night. They'll have text books for me tomorrow. There's a job fair Oct 21st which includes interviews for current students. The difficulty level is about high school level, so the hardest part will be being apart from Quint. That and controlling what my facial expressions say in class. I would find my eyebrows would be out of control when someone asked a seemingly easy question in class. I've got a buddy in class who recently finished college who made class last night better. I have not yet admitted in class that I have my MA. There's one attorney in class, oddly enough.

To get a job at H&R Block, I'll need to make an 80% on the final, which is mostly multiple choice. I can miss up to 9 classes out of the 30-odd classes. My teacher is Hispanic and English is her second language. Her California-Spanish accent (as opposed to Texas-Spanish accent that I'm used to) is at times hard to understand. Exemption, exception, and extension all three sounded the same last night. Sitting in the back, me and my buddy help each other figure out what she said.

Interesting tidbit from last night: alimony is unearned income and child support is earned income. Makes perfect sense to me, but other folks in class couldn't see the difference. Alimony is getting something for nothing. Child Support is getting money to support the child which isn't cheap.

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