Friday, October 15, 2010

Really Tired

Really tired here today. But it's my own fault. I've been going to bed late and then inexplicably waking up early. Like 5:30. Occasionally I manage to get up and do something productive like study, but not that often.

On the other hand, I watched Groundhog Day again last night. I love that movie. I love the different phases he goes through. The one night stand phase. The try to get Andi MacDowell phase. The suicide phase. The piano phase. The saving folks phase. And finally the benevolent phase which finally gets him out of the loop.

Hubby is in Ohio for some Masonic thing. I have a friend coming over tomorrow evening for a girl's night visit. Hubby will be back Sunday, probably before noon. Quint gets tubes in his ears on Monday. I have an interview with AccounTemps on Tuesday. An interview with a temp agency is a very different kind of interview. There will be testing and long conversations about what I'm looking for. They'll try to find me a temp job, permanent job, or a temp to perm job. Thursday, there's the job fair with H&R Block which will be more like a real job interview. I've borrowed two suits from a friend so I'll even look nice!

I'm starting to suffer from short-timer disease which is really not good 8 weeks before my last day on the job. Also, they're replacing my computer on Monday. I really wanted them to wait until after my last day, but no. So I've got all my music (which really piles up over 5 years) on thumb drives and I need to go through and preserve my internet bookmarks today. Especially my job search ones.

In just 10 days I go to the doctor and maybe will get to hear my baby's heartbeat! That will make it much more real. Let's focus on that.

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