Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Airport funny

There was one funny airport event on Sunday. We were through security, had refilled our empty water bottles at the drinking fountain, and were now waiting for our flight. We knew that Quint would only sit in his umbrella stroller with toys for about 4 minutes. But I personally enjoyed those 4 minutes.

While waiting to check our bags, I had attached Quint to his leash. You've seen cuter versions of this where it looks like a kid is wearing a puffy, stuffed animal backpack with a really long tail that the parent just happens to have in their hand. So this one is red leash material with a thick velcro thingy around his chest with an image of a Looney Toons Tasmanian devil on the front.

As soon as Quint made it clear that he was not going to just sit and let the world go by, we let him out of the stroller. So he proceeded to crawl down the middle of the concourse, with me following on the leash while quacking like a duck. Crawling fast I might add. Each time a tiny palm slapped down on that probably filthy (yet oddly shiny) floor he let out a quack, bark, or pterodactyl call. Right down the middle of the concourse, parting the traffic like a boulder in a stream. And everyone had their eyes glued to him, and goofy smiles on their faces. I literally did not see one single judgmental look in regards to leashing my child. I only had to jerk him back to safety once while on this crawling expedition. He made it the length of two gates!

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