Sunday, August 22, 2010

video clip

OK, let's see if this works. I've never tried to include a video in my blog before. Once Quint walks out of frame, the video is basically over. This is a good example of is pterodactyl noise. This is the noise he was doing as he crawled along the concourse at the airport in Austin.

Quint got a new push/ride toy this weekend. Instead of paying $37.54 (Walmart) or $50 (Amazon) I found it on craigslist, within 10 miles of me, for $10! And the guy was so grateful that I was taking it off his hands, that he gave me another push/ride toy. So I basically got it for $5! I love craigslist! I'll have better pictures of it later, I'm sure, seeing how he absolutely beams when he's pushing it.

Last night, just before bed, he was pushing it around and when he would run into a wall, he would cry because it wouldn't go anymore. So I started readjusting it every time he'd run it into a wall. In this way, we went all the way around the dining table multiple times, traveled that big stretch between the pantry and the fireplace, turned around and came back, rounded the dining table, and then went from there to the front door. Over and over again. I figured out how to attach reins to that lion's head and things got better.

Non-family members should completely ignore the following paragraph: Quint's birthday is coming up! If you're wondering what our little guy might "need" in the coming year, I've thoughtfully included a list on a separate page on this blog. It's at the bottom of the right hand column of the blog page.

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