Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random thoughts

My sweet little boy has become more cuddly lately, even when he doesn't seem to be feeling bad. I have enjoyed this immensely. Except this morning as I was leaving daycare. Soon after we arrived, he had nearly vaulted out of my arms in order to get at the other kids and toys, then looked back at me and seemed to realize that I would be leaving in a minute. So he crawled back over to me, I crouched down, and he laid his head on my shoulder for a minute. Soon, though, he was done with me and went off in pursuit of hot oatmeal. Very, very sweet, but I had to block that out as I left. I can't wait to get back to him in a couple hours.

His latest noise sounds like doey doey doey doey- kind of like Joey Joey Joey Joey. It's very cute. Also, sometimes, when I sing the na-na-na-na song, he will sing na-na-na-na-na back at me. This complicated song goes, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey hey hey, good bye. You know that song.

And now my rant about calcium tablets. Why on earth do suppliant companies think that it's soooooo freakin' important to make sure to get all your daily calcium in one huge pill? I hope they realize how many women don't get their daily requirements of calcium simply because they hate taking the actual pills. Last night, for the first time in nearly a year, I tried to take my calcium horse pill while paying attention to something else. Sure enough, I choked, couldn't get air for a second, finally coughed it up, accidentally chewed it, and my mouth was filled with this horrible chalk. I HATE THAT!!! I mean really hate that. I've spent I don't know how long in front of the calcium section a the drugstore trying to figure out how big the tablets actually are. But you never really know until you crack that bad boy open. Then you're stuck with $7 worth of pills you don't want. For a while, I would try to read the label to see how many I should take during one day. If I have to take more than one per day, chances are good that the pills are smaller.

Calcet has recently started selling Calcet Petites which I just found out while writing this huge rant. The price per day is ludicrous , but here I am thinking about buying some. The extra cheap version I have at home was like $7 for 100 huge pills, one pill per day. This Calcet Petites are nearly $10 for 100 pills, take 6 per day. Seven cents per day compared to 56 cents per day.

All this to make sure my bones bounce 50 years from now. Yeah, that's right, this little investment will pay off somewhere between 40 and 50 years from now.


My baby boy is in the process of weaning himself. As a result, I'm pumping a pitiful amount of milk each day and no where near the amount he's typically drinking at daycare. He's not quite one year, but I've started mixing my breast milk with whole milk to make up the difference. I just refused to supplement with formula when my daddy was raised on cow's milk with corn syrup added and he turned out just fine.

I regularly read Amalah and absolutely love her hysterical writing style. Today, I visited her Advice Smackdown and found this bit about transitioning your child from breast milk to something else at one year. Go read her whole answer if you like, but I have to quote this paragraph because it is so freakin' funny and so applicable to my life right this second. She's so down to earth while also making sure to take care of her kids. Enjoy!

First of all, a heart congratulations and heartfelt FISTBUMP on breastfeeding exclusively for so long.

Second of all, yes. You’re totally overthinking this, but I do understand why. Please though, for your own future long-term sanity as a mother, try to steer yourself away, FAR FAR AWAY, from the “I will taint or damage my daughter if I ever let anything less-than-optimal pass her lips” thing. Trust me, that line of thinking is a one-way street to McNeuroticVille, with a side of annoying everybody else, and will probably result you spending a ton of time and money on things that may only offer a slight nutritional benefit over something else, but meanwhile your brain is all KERFFFLLLBBTTTZZZ, so what’s the point?

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