Monday, August 30, 2010

Nine Inch Braids

The Results: 9 inches!
The Before Shots:

Mid-Process was funny looking:
And the After:
Last night, I was combing out my hair in order to braid it before bed. At 10pm, I was ticked off that, once again, it took me 30 stinkin' minutes to just comb out my hair. So while I was still annoyed by that, I decided to cut it NOW! Hubby was amenable to cutting my hair for me. There's two aspects of that: he was amenable to me having "shorter" hair and also was willing to do the cutting. Not that I have to have permission to cut my hair, or anything, but I didn't want us to possibly BOTH be upset that it's shorter.

And I love that it's shorter!!! I love that I can run my fingers through it now! It's not too long to do that now. My hair was nearly longer than my arm, which is ridiculous. I love how light it feels. I love that I can swing it back and forth.

So now I have two braids in my bathroom. I have not decided yet if I'm donating it or selling it. So don't ask!

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  1. Wow! Those are some substantial braids! Congrats on making the cut! I want to see a picture of the hair from behind, too. Your hair is so beautiful. If I didn't love you so much, I'd hate you.