Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monkey Cake Explained

OK, I just had to put a different picture at the top of the blog. Every time I looked at my monkey cake I saw more flaws. Check out the cat exploring a paper bag in the background.

The cake is a monkey because I seem to really like the monkey theme. Also, there are a lot of monkey's within children's books or stories that have the same name as my son. And the monkey theme has become popular for boys clothes and decorations lately. If they'd been available last year, I might have decorated his nursery with monkeys. Also, Hubby's favorite books growing up had a monkey as the main character.

And seeing how Quint could care less what the theme of his first birthday party, I'm just going to please myself. Quint's birthday party is September 11th, at 3pm at my house and everyone is invited! There will be monkey cake! And a small child who will probably need to be hosed down after he has his own piece.

1 comment:

  1. Clone- he is just too cute! I keep coming back to your page just to see that picture! ADORABLE!!!

    Have a great weekend!