Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweet child - 10 to 10.5 month old pictures

Here's some very recent pictures of my sweet child.Here, he's right at 10 months old.

Show me your teeth!I said show me your teeth! (There are only 6 in there, by the way)
He looks surprisingly like a little boy here, not just a baby boy. Well, to me anyway.
Yo Quero Taco Bell
Thankfully, you can't see that I'm holding his arms down so he doesn't rip it off and try to eat it.
Check out that rump!
During a lightening fast 6 minute shower, I left him in an area where I knew he couldn't hurt himself. And he didn't hurt himself or eat anything he shouldn't. But he did find the tissues.


  1. He is such a beautiful child! He has teeth!

    How do teeth and nursing mix?

  2. Gerber has a photo search contest going on - You should Totally enter your little guy! Love the teeth!

  3. I had to check these pics out again this morning. I cannot believe how adorable he is! I'm going to frame one of the mustache pics. Too cute! Here is what Little Brother said regarding the tissues:

    Haa ha haa, shes lucky it wasn’t a can of Crisco! He looks like Nathan to me now that hes a little older. Hes got perfect baby teeth LOL, 4 on top, 2 on bottom! Cute.


    The can of Crisco thing (although I think it was really some sort of ointment) actually happened. It was me. I thought it was moisturizing.