Friday, August 27, 2010

Poor little guy

Here's my guy on a better day than he had yesterday. When I picked him up yesterday (20 minutes later than usual), Priscilla's husband said something like "oh thank goodness you're here!" Hmmm...that doesn't bode well. Apparently he had been crying for 30 minutes or more, 20 of that on his watch, and even Priscilla couldn't figure out what was wrong. Not good when Priscilla can't figure out what's wrong - she's the pro! And a nice layer of guilt for me since I had been at home visiting my husband for those 30 minutes.

He was sitting in a Johnny jump up - one of those things you attach to a door frame and he can bounce up and down. He was pitifully sobbing, and doing that diaphragm spasm thing every few seconds. I picked him up and he cuddled into my shoulder immediately. Also not a good sign. My baby boy is not the cuddly type and will only lay his head on my shoulder when he's really tired or really feels like crap. So I just held him for a while out in the parking lot and seriously thought about breaking the law and cuddling him in the front seat during the 3 mile drive back to the house. He fell asleep in the carseat within 2 blocks of us leaving the daycare.

Once home, we nursed and cuddled and rocked, and gave him some Advil at 5:45. We pried his little mouth open and felt of his gums. Looks like a tooth on each side of the "eye teeth" on the bottom are coming in. When I touched them, he went into orbital shrieks. Even while nursing and all cozied up, he would still have those diaphragm spasms.

At 6:15, completely asleep, he was still having diaphragm spasms. I had Hubby call the choir practice babysitter and cancel for the night. I wasn't going to go to choir at 7pm with my baby still basically crying in his sleep! And I knew even as Hubby called her that Quint would miraculously feel better at 7pm.

And he did! At 6:58pm, he woke up, sat up, and struggled to get down to his toys. We finally fed him dinner and he even laughed a little. But at nearly 8pm sharp (the end of choir practice) he started getting whimpery again and I put him down for bed at 8:15. He went down without a whimper and here at 5:30 am, still has not made a peep. I'm up because I HAD TO PUMP!

Even though he felt absolutely horrible, I really really enjoyed getting to cuddle my little boy last night. He slept in my arms for over an hour and that never happens. I do sometimes enjoy being the only one who can make it better.

Maybe I'll try to go back to bed. But I bet he'll wake up as soon as I get all spooned up with Hubby, or drift off. You know, Murphy's Law and all.


I did get back to sleep! Delicious sleep too.

As Quint and I were getting him ready for daycare, I pulled out a stool and sat him on it to put on his shoes and socks. He started to get down and I said, "just sit there for a minute, Honey, so I can put on your shoes and socks." I swear he said, "OK"! Alright, so it sounded more like Oh-gay, but he stayed put, even while I put my shoes on. I said he could get down now, and he slowly inched his booty off the little stool until his feet touched.

Pretty Cool!

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  1. I hope your little guy is feeling better! Poor baby!

    I got your email, I've been meaning to email you back (crazy week). I've never seen that show, but you aren't the first person to say that it reminds you of me!! I guess I need to find episodes online somewhere!!

    Have a great weekend!!